The act of confession is neutral.

Long ago we made a pact,
With each other and with our selves.
Wrapped in ritual for humanity to remember,
As tightly as a newborn for its journey across time.

Religion was entrusted as a vessel to carry,
And given instructions to encode as a gene,
Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity,
All enact their play through scent, sound, and scene.

I bow to religion for performing its duty,
Carrying a burden so long into senility,
Until age and entropy made the case for relief,
What good does a practice with forgotten purpose serve?

The renewal of our promise long overdue,
A waypoint in the journey has now been reached,
Will you join and rejoice in the honor of repacking?
Before sending onwards to its forward destination.

Rituals help us remember.

Energy created from thought and action gets stuck like a thorn, festering into mental and physical ailments.

Religions use confession to purify and remind us of norms. It is a pathway to forgive and accept all of us as we betray them. To take turns forgiving each other.

Some advise ceremony, others encourage daily practice. Some suggest it as a solo activity, others communal.  But as long as it is labeled as a religious practice, confession becomes inaccessible to the majority of humanity.

Catholicism, and other carriers have proven unfit to continue carrying this sacred practice. Let us re-create it as a secular ritual. For repentance, reintegration, forgiveness and thus, completion of our actions energetic circle.  A healing practice to process emotions and move energy.

What can we learn from religion about the absolution of contrition? 
Which symbols may be adopted for use in ceremony? 
What is confession outside of a religious context?


There is no recording, no judgement, and no script in this booth.

It can be an opportunity to let go; to connect and interact post-lockdown. Perhaps to talk, feel, or whatevery it is you want it be. Please be considerate of others and limit your consumption of the space to less than thirty minutes.

This is an exercise in trust and remembrance. The booth contains non-specific religious elements remain to encourage vulnerability and integration of the experience.

Entering accepts potential exposure to incense and the absence or presence of light and sound. Please refrain from loud noises, fast movement, and physical touch between any party. We do not advise, judge, nor provide advise of any kind.